Garden Island Wow! Another great vacation!! Once again, our family had a terrific time. It's hard to believe our kids are now 13 and 15 have grown up on Garden Island time! No schedules to keep, freedom to roam, hike the trail, swimming, paddle-boating and the many activities we've enjoyed over the years. It seems like yesterday when the kids were swimming out to the raft with life-jackets on!! As the school year ended and we headed to Vermont, it was nice to see everyone relax and "unplug". I love the laid-back afternoons with no phones, appointments etc. My husband and I have also noticed that once we are on the island, we have very little interest in getting into the car to run errands....unless of course, it is to the course (golf that is)!!! Seriously, as we've had many times in the past, 2008 was truly a great family get-away and a time for reconnection! Thanks!

Ellen S.
Hartford, CT
A perfect setting, Garden Island. For our family it is a time to unwind and truly relax. Children fall into almost instant friendships on the beach where they build castles in the sand, or swim to the floats and practice their diving skills. When not swimming they are kayaking, canoeing, sailing or on the paddle boat. We have participated in scavenger hunts designed by older teenagers, hiked around the island, played baseball and volley ball. Early morning fishing is always a must. For us evening time means reading, board games, and puzzles.

Pat C.
Winchester, MA
Our Garden Island vacation was awesome. It was like staying in paradise for the whole family. We spent most of our time at the beach, involved with boating activities, or hiking the trails around the island. Some of us even ventured “off island” to play golf and tennis. We were very impressed with everything and would stay here again. We would also highly recommend a Garden Island vacation to anyone seeking family time, relaxation, and fun.

Bennett W.
Albany, NY
Every year, when I set foot on Garden Island, I feel like my hectic life has suddenly melted away. It's the one time of year I can feel completely at peace. My kids can run free without my having to worry. My dog can run free, which she could never do in my neighborhood and I can relax in my wooded retreat, on the beach or out on the boat without a care in the world. Garden Island is my heaven on Earth and the hosts always makes me feel like I'm home at last.

Adrienne A.
Raleigh, North Carolina
Garden Island is a great vacation spot! My husband and I have different vacation styles - he'd opt for a week of camping, while I'd prefer to have more activity options and some basic conveniences (like running water!). Garden Island is the perfect combination of the two...it has the seclusion, natural beauty and 'away from it all' feel of camping, combined with the activities, comfort and charm of a well run B+B. There's plenty to do on the island itself; I could easily spend the days reading by the beach or hiking around the island and making my way up to the lookout tower (great place to watch the sunset!), but there's always the 10 min ferry ride to the 'mainland' if you want to step back into society for a bit. Burlington is a really fun small city with great shopping, bars and restaurants. Garden Island is the type of place I hope to visit several times to come.

Melissa W.
Seattle, WA
Garden Island is the ultimate turn-off-your-cellphone-and-breath vacation. We enjoyed taking walks around the island, resting in the hammock, taking out paddleboats and just enjoying the gorgeous views of Lake Champlain. I'm also a huge fan of Burlington so we also spent some time in the shops and eating lots of Ben & Jerry's. So it can be as relaxing or as busy of a vacation as you want to make it! I'd highly recommend Garden Island and plan to return again soon.

Jessica L.
Winchester, MA
A vacation on Garden Island truly stands apart from any you can have in Vermont. With other accommodations you may be able experience the wonders of rural Vermont -- and if you're lucky enough, perhaps even the lake activities that Garden Island offers -- but at the end of the day, when you're tucked onto that magical wooded island, away from the cares of the rest of the world, you know you're someplace special.

Jermyn Family
Berkeley, CA
Our stay at Garden Island was so enjoyable. Our family enjoyed the beauty of the Island including boating, swimming and hiking. We look forward to spending another vacation there.

Barbara and Ed
Buffalo, NY
Garden Island: fabulous place, great views of sunrise, sunsets and lake Champlain. Something to do for everyone.

Emily S.
Mansfield, MA
Little known gem-Garden Island
Best experience we have ever had. We can't say enough positive things about this place. Plan on vacationing here again.

Hadley family
York, ME