Garden Island FAQ

  • Can we bring boats?

  • Certainly, we have dock space as well as moorings.

  • Can we bring pets?

  • Pets enjoy their own vacation on 32 acres of Island with no planes, trains, or automobiles. However, we require you follow good health practices and be certain you pick up after your dog on the walkways, paths, yards and beach areas in particualr. Bare feet and "you know what" just don't mix well!

    Also, we expect guests to adhere to the following policies:

    -limit to maximum of 2 pets dog or cat.
    -if long haired dog, guests must bring coverlets for furniture
    -guests subject to surcharge for special cleaning required for any excessive hair on furniture,
     spreads etc.

  • Do we need to bring sheets & towels?

  • Yes, we do not provide linens.

  • How long does the Ferry take to get to and from the Island?

  • The Ferry is available when you are and takes less than five minutes to cross the lake.

  • Where do we park cars?

  • Drive down to the dock to unload your car and then to the parking area at the top of the hill.

  • Are there grills available?

  • We have several grills available for guest use. We love a good barbecue as much as anyone.

  • Are there laundry services available?

  • We have two sets of washers/dryers available for guest use in the shop.

  • Are there phones in the cabins?

  • There is a phone in the shop for guests to use.

  • Where is the Island in relation to Burlington?

  • Garden Island is only 20 minutes south of Burlington by car and even closer by boat.

  • Is there a marina near by where we can rent a motor?

          Sure is. Call for details.