Tappan Zee Bridge to Exit 20 GPS Use: 301 Deer Pt. Rd., Charlotte, VT 05445

On Northway

  1. Go to exit 24 on N.Y. Thruway (32 miles from the East Side of the Tappan Zee Bridge to Thruway ticket toll booth, 103 miles from ticket booth to exit 24)

  2. Get on Route 87 (Northway) about .6 miles after paytoll on right side

  3. Go 51 miles to exit 20, (see below for route taking Essex Ferry, to Garden Island)

Driving Through Vermont to Garden Island

  1. At exit light (exit 20), turn left (Rt. 149)
  2. Go .6 miles to light, turn right (Rt. 149)
  3. Go 11.4 miles to light in Fort Ann, turn left on Rt. 4
  4. Go 10.5 miles to center of Whitehall, at light turn right (Rt. 4)
  5. Go 7.9 miles to exit 2
  6. Turn left onto Rt. 22A
  7. Go 42 miles (through Vergennes) to dead end/stop sign.  Turn left on Rt. 7 (note:  3.0 miles to short cut – turn left opposite red school house)
  8. Go 9.2 miles to light – turn left onto F-5 (road to Essex Ferry) – see local directions below.

Directions to Garden Island Using Essex Ferry

  1. Continue on Northway to exit 31 (67.4 miles from Northway exit 20 to Northway  exit 31). Exit ramp to stop sign, turn right.
  2. Go about .1 mile and turn left (this is the first left)
  3. Go approximately 2.6 miles to dead end, turn right
  4. Go .1 mile to dead end, turn left (Rt. 22)
  5. Go 6.9 miles to dead end/bear right
  6. Go 2.5 miles to dead end/stop sign in Essex, turn left
  7. Go .1 mile – turn right into ferry
  8. Mark 0 miles on car odometer, go across lake
  9. After exiting ferry, go 1.5 miles, make right (if you miss this turn, continue to old brick store (first stop sign) and follow local directions below)
  10. Go 1.7 miles to dead end, make right
  11. Go 1.1 miles, turn right on dirt (Deer Point) road (this is .2 miles after passing Point Bay Marina on left) – see local directions below for details.

Directions to Essex Ferry from Garden Island

  1. Turn left at end of dirt (Deer Point) road
  2. Go 1.1 miles, turn left (first left after leaving dirt road)
  3. Go 1.7 miles to stop sign.  Turn left on F-5
  4. Go 1.5 miles to Ferry

Directions from Essex Ferry to Northway (87)

Exit 31 to go South

  1. Exit Ferry, turn left
  2. Go 0.1 mile, turn right (Rt. 22)
  3. Go 2.5 miles, bear left and stay on Rt. 22.  Do not go straight unless you want exit 32 on Northway to go North
  4. Go 6.9 miles, turn right (follow signs to 87 and Elizabethtown)
  5. Go 0.1 mile, turn left toward 87
  6. Go 2.6 miles, to dead end, turn right
  7. Go .2 miles to 87 South
  8. Watch for signs for N.Y. Thruway (about 118 miles).  Exit 3 on Northway has motels

Local Directions

  • From Rt. 7, turn at light on F-5 towards Essex Ferry
  • Turn left if heading North
  • Turn right if heading South
  • Go 0.2 miles to stop sign.  Turn left onto Greenbush Road
  • Go 2.2 miles and road bends right (you then cross railroad tracks) onto Thompson’s Point Road.
  • Go 1.8 miles from bend in road and turn right onto dirt road (Deer Point Road).  (note: .2 miles before right hand turn onto dirt road (Deer Point Rd.), you will see Point Bay Marina on left)
  • Go .2 miles to water.  Be sure to go straight over hill on dirt road.  Do not turn left at top of hill.  Continue all the way down to the water.  Follow instructions for “UPON ARRIVAL”.

Upon Arrival

  1. Please call 802-425-2791 to arrange ferry pick up.
  2. Unload luggage on cement dock and park car at the top of the hill next to (not in front of) the green garages on the left as you go up the hill.  Do not leave car down by the dock